Amna Al Hammadi

Amna Al Hammadi is the Marketing and Corporate Communications Director at Emirates Foundations. Previously, Al Hammadi was a marketing and corporate communications director in Dubai Media Incorporated serving different 14 media brand.

Al Hammadi brings over 10 years of experience working in the field of marketing and communications in different industries starting from the properties where she worked in Emaar Properties moving to the media industry in Dubai Media Incorporated and currently in the youth philanthropy sector in Emirates Foundation.

Al Hammadi has an extensive experience in marketing management, marketing strategy, events, building brands and corporate communications, which she has been doing through her career.

In addition, she has strong communication, negotiation interpersonal, leadership and consensus building skills. As a self-¬‐motivated, highly organized individual Al Hammadi has a strong understanding of equally local and regional customer and market dynamics. Al Hammadi has the capability of initiating and executing national and international projects, events and campaigns

Al Hammadi holds a masters degree in Marketing from Strathclyde University, UK. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in applied media studies from the Higher Colleges of Technology and Executive Diploma in Management from Chartered Management Institute, UK.

Al Hammadi is an active marketer with professional associations and community memberships as follows:

• American Marketing Association
• Association for Consumer Research, US based
• Brand Strategy and Brand Management Community, US based
• Marketing Strategy and Planning Community, US based
• Service Marketing Community, US based
• Consumer Behavior Community, US based
• Innovation, Technology and Interactivity Community, US based
• Marketing Communications Community, US based