Fall trip to USA:

Fall trip to USA

See the golden colors of California:

An invitation to enjoy one of the most exciting places on earth, California. Xplorex is inviting those who love nature and appreciate the meaning of travel to experience the brilliant fall season of California. Get to see:

Magnificent San Francisco Parks
The Famous Golden Gate bridge
Lively Los Angeles beaches
Giant Sequoya trees
Lakes of Yosemite National Park
Wooden cabins of the forest
Dazzling Route1, between land and sea
Santa Cruise, Universal Studios and Disneyland
Beverly Hills and Hollywood
Cities, beaches, woods and meadows

And much more hidden travel secrets

Leave planning to us, and come to enjoy the ride. We've costume-designed the trip and we'll guide it ourselves so that it can be a real care-free excursion.

  • Duration:15 days
  • Departure:07-10-2014
  • Return: 21-10-2014