How we do it

Today, gaining multiple experiences and various skills is an essential element of self and professional advancement. Yet, with much to care for and such tight schedules, it has become challenging and demanding to dedicate the time and effort. At Xplorex, we aspire to help our participants tap into the maximum amount of skills in the most effective, yet unhurried and fun-driven means possible. Referenced competencies may include general life skills, leadership, communication, public interaction, planning, public speaking, resource management, and English language. However, the underlying theme is to do all the above in a context of an exciting framework. This is a genuine learning involvement through which members will perform allocated tasks and activities by embarking on a 10-week project to deliver a real-life product. We aspire to break away from the in-class, lecture-based, one-directional, and rhetoric-filled learning process. We truly believe in the technique of learning through practice and firsthand involvement. We seek to create an enjoyable fulfilling, exciting, and rewarding learning environment. This is an endeavor to have people “learn it by doing it and having fun while at it.”

The learning process will be taking place in a cafés, the outdoors, or any other venue of our choice, with every one munching on their pastries and sipping their coffees. Intellectual discussions will prevail, presentations will be given, logic will be applied and tested, and deliverables will be required and presented. The aim is to instill as many skill sets existing in the corporate world into these controlled settings, yet with different surroundings and ambiances. The amount of work needed for such project is estimated at 120 hours per person, assigned among teams of two to five participants. This is in addition to the work done with mentors at the meetings.

The fun part: at the end of the 10-week project phase, interested parties will continue with a fundamental extension of the project: an expedition, an unforgettable journey to the golden coasts of California, in the United States. Fully planned and guided, the trip is meant to be as fun as it is inspirational and knowledge-oriented. Teams will not only have the time of their lives, but will also delve into the competencies of self-management, time-management, cash-management, and some cognitive control of attitudes and actions; all in addition to opening their eyes into another world by climbing over cultural barriers.

The trip will not be just a mere attachment to their planning work completed in the training phase, but a genuine and inherent extension of it.