Ismat Gazal

A certified trainer by the British Academy for Human development since 2010. Married with four kids. He came to the UAE in 1988 to enroll at Ajman university, Department of Medical Engineering; graduated in 1993 to work as a support technician in the private sector. Subsequently, Ismat joined as a teacher assistant at Ajman university in the field of student registration, development and training support. Later in 2007 Ismat transferred to Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to work as a primary coordinator and head of medical engineering training. As a result of joining an internal initiative called “A step towards the future” in 2009, he made a major transformation in his professional life by becoming part of the training staff of the Medical Education Department (MED), which he then officially joined in 2010 as a designated trainer in the field of management and professional development. During his stay for the past four years at the Professional Development Center at MED, he delivered 120 training programs; trained 8000 employees and covered around 30 titles. Ismat has a very high ambitions when it comes to curriculum development, education and training methods, in the sense of making it more in line with the current spell of advancement and technological change sweeping the world.