We have developed three primary arrangements to allow you to select your preferred passage. The three means of exploration are intended for you to take a second look at things within and to discover your surroundings by defying the norms. Please look through and select your path.

The Full experience

To be able to plan, think, research, discuss, communicate, debate, and present can be a delightful learning experience if put in the proper context; imagine after doing all that, you reward yourself with a fascinating trip that puts all your hard planning into a tangible reality.

As the word implies, discovery can be either a mental or a physical undertaking. This venture is about the full scope of learning and discovery. It’s for the participants to go through a 10-week hands-on project then board a plane to top it all off with a mesmerizing 15-day expedition to California. Project and Travel are intrinsically related and are designed to complement each other fundamentally. Both phases also complement each other in the sense of self-discovery, world-exploration, and enjoyment through defying standards. If you chose to pick this journey, you are in for a mental and physical joyride that will last for long time to come. Once you finish thinking, planning, and presenting, you will be geared and ready to board the entertaining portion of the assignment. No one ever said knowledge transfer has to be boring and dull.

The trip is a two-week, totally planned, and fully guided excursion to one of the most renowned places on the planet.

This proposition, we hope, is of a unique nature not similar to any in the whole UAE, whether as knowledge seeker, traveler, or both.

Rediscover the “You”

The drive behind this arrangement is to allow each participant to discover his and her own hidden and potential capabilities and competencies. This, we believe, can be achieved through performing a series of physical and mental assigned tasks. Teams will have to conduct various activities and fulfill many assigned responsibilities to deliver an actual and a practical, fully detailed product in the form of a project plan, which will then be used either by the teams themselves or by others. Using hands-on learning, practical, and personal involvement, each member will be able to get a sense of their likings and disliking in the work field. It’s a journey for us to find out about you, and for you to find about yourself. Through proactive chores that each participant performs, individuals will develop a personal affiliation and produce a genuine impression about each specific activity. It’s a learning, developing, and discovering ride, through which you can be delighted by the experiences you may stumble upon. This is geared to let you learn the “new”, enhance the “old”, and discover the hidden competencies within “You”.

A Voyage to Reflection

Our ancestors once said there are seven benefits of traveling… we strongly agree with and uphold this. This scheme is for those who want to learn and develop through reflection, insights and fun, away from conventional experiences. This is a journey of thinking, enjoyment, and breaking away from the norms. We’ll strive to deliver a unique travel experience that we hope you will cherish for a long time to come. Our goal is for the members to escape from the ordinary, including previous travel experiences. By doing so, we seek to have them refresh their senses, revive their energy, and echo on everything around them for yet one more time. Xplorex was found on the basis of this notion and was truly inspired by one such trip.

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