Saif Al Marri

With so much to do and many life responisibilites, Saif can be described as a genuine get goer. After many provisional years in HR, Training, IT, Strategy and Business Development, and with many family responsibilities, Saif was able to get a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (with high distinction). Saif has lots of interests some of which are poetry, design and web development; he enjoys a creative way of thinking and hence was selected for the Dubai World Leaders program in 2008.

Saif contributed much to the establishment of XploreX thorough his creative abilities and vast imagination. As part of his personal experience, learning and knowledge gaining can have limits. Saif cherishes the fact that he will give back to his community through XploreX and shares that notion with his partners as a co-founder of the company. An Avid traveler, he is a subject matter expert on traveling to the unbeaten tracks to many countries in the world.