Who We Are

Xplorex is a management, research, and development consultancy. The core principle of the company’s work is based on the premise that the best way to learn is simply by doing and experiencing. This may be labeled as experiential learning and Xplorex adapted this method in its personal development programs. Xplorex was established out of the passion of its founders about learning, exploring, and developing. The team aims to stimulate knowledge transfer exercises through practical, genuine, and applied methods that are not only effective, but also engaging and fun-oriented. Xplorex is about knowledge transfer that will lead to enhancement of skill sets, personal engagement, and broadened horizons. In addition to the experiential means of learning, we also believe that learning is more effective if done in a leisurely and casual setting. Consequently, we will attempt to practice all the core processes of learning in a fun, relaxed, and casual yet professional atmosphere to bring the best out of the program’s participants.

Our Aspirations

To contribute to the personal development and character building of young men and women through real, practical, and enjoyable knowledge transfer experiences.